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    How to tag your products in your Facebook and Instagram posts

    How to tag your products in your Facebook and Instagram posts

    Whether you have an e-commerce business or not, if you sell products you should be using this free feature on Facebook and Instagram to make it easier for customers to buy your products.

    Here’s how you do it:

    Add the Shop Tab to your Facebook page

    On Facebook, go to settings > Templates and Tabs.

    If you are not already set up as a shopping page, you can choose the Shopping Template from the Templates section by choosing Edit.

    Facebook setup shop tab

    This will add the Shop Tab.

    Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Add a Tab” and add the Shop Tab that way.

    Set up your Shop

    Facebook set up your shop

    Once you’ve added your Shop Tab you need to return to your Facebook page and click on the Shop tab. Facebook will then ask you a series of questions about your shop. 

    Add your Products

    Facebook add products to your shop

    Click Add Product and begin the fill out the details including item description, photo’s, price etc.

    If you have a Shopify site it’s even easier.

    Shopify allows you to connect your Shopifysite to your Facebook and Instagram channels so that you can easily tag your products from either platform. This also creates a straight pathway to your Shopify checkout if the customer wants to buy.

    One of the most important strategies you should continuously monitor is to provide the fastest, least complicated path to your checkout. When a customer is ready to buy, don’t block the pathway to payment with anything unnecessary.

    To integrate the Facebook and Instagram channels to your Shopify page go to YourShopifyStore Admin > Sales Channels and click the plus button.

    add the Facebook channel to your Shopify site

    Follow the prompts to connect your Facebook page and allow the syncing of your products.

    Tagging a Product on Facebook

    Tagging a product in a Facebook post is simple. There are three ways to do this:

    Tag a product during ad creative by clicking on the thumbnail

    1. When you publish an image with your product in it, hover over the thumbnail image of the product (above) and you will see a small product tag icon appear on the left side of the thumbnail. Click this to open up the photo editor and click on the part of your image you want to tag with your product.  Note: you can tag up to three products per image.

    Facebook tag products with post options

    2. Click the ellipses on the options bar below the post contents. This will open a list of extra options for your post (surprise!), one of which is to tag a product.

    Facebook edit image and tag a product

    3. Even after your image is posted, you can still tag it with your products by clicking on the image and you will be presented with the Tag Products option.


    Instagram only allows you to tag products once you have been approved by their annoying little bot. To do this, you need to go to Instagram on your mobile devices and complete the following:

    Instagram sign up for shopping

    Go to Settings > Business > Sign up for shopping

    Instagram choose the products catalogue

    Once again, it's a lot easier if you have Shopify. Shopify allows you to create an Instagram channel within the shopping platform that links to your Instagram account and applies for the shopping endorsement. It then links your product synced catalogue. Too easy. 

    When and if you are approved for shopping, you can choose your products catalogue. Facebook owns Instagram and so the catalogue IS THE ONE MADE IN FACEBOOK. So products in your Facebook Shop are the same ones available for tagging on Instagram. 

    Instagram tag a product on a post

    Now that you are set up on Instagram for shopping, you can now tag a product at the final stages of your post creative by clicking Tag Products > Tap the product > choose the product.  Whalla!


    It’s worth noting that images tagged with your products keep those tags and will display them according to the privacy setting that you set. That’s a massive opportunity. If you have a good image, tagged with your product, that gets shared extensively, this is great organic marketing for your business.