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    My Top 6 Tips for Growing your Social Media Audiences

    My Top 6 Tips for Growing your Social Media Audiences

    Building an active social media audiences is profitable to your business because it gives you an avenue to reach your customers when you have something of value for them. It also strengthens your own commitment to your business by keeping you focused on your most valued customers and what they like.

    Here are my top 6 tips for growing your social media audiences

    1. Post regularly. At least 2-4 times a week. At least! You need to consistently reach out to your audience because not all of them will see every post you make so you've got to mix it up a bit. A good tip for this is to create a social media plan and consider scheduling posts weeks in advance. That can take the stress off.
    2. Post news, entertainment, tips and tricks that offer a value to your customers, not to you. If you continuously post about your business, and how great you are or try selling to your audience, you are going to lose them. If you wanna keep them, post things that interest them. This way, when you do post something that brings direct value to your business, your audience is engaged.
    3. Harvest your likes. On Facebook, when you post from your business page and users who are not followers like your post, you can invite them to like your page. This is my #1 tip for growing your audience on Facebook. To do this, click the "likes" tally and you will see who you can invite to like your page. Do this daily!
    4. Use hashtags that are relevant to your customers. Only use 2-3 on Facebook, but you can use up to 30 on Instagram - so use all 30!
    5. Be genuine and personable. If your audience gets the impression you are faking it, they will punish you for it - for fun! Where you can, ask questions and encourage discussion and then be sure to join the conversation.
    6. Ask your customers to follow you. This is the easiest and one of the most effective tricks. Just ask! Most non-business owners don't know it's such a big deal for you and it's not a big deal for them to like and follow you. So just ask!

    I hope this has helped and given you some value. If it has, do me a favour and like my page and follow me on Instagram. If you do, I promise to keep delivering value-adding posts your way. 😜