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    Hi, I'm Jarrod Stillman, Marketing Director and founder of Jangle. I started Jangle in 2019, so it's pretty fresh. Can I tell you how it all started?

    As an e-commerce expert, I have over 14 years of marketing experience and more than 7 years specialising in the e-commerce space. I started my first online store way back in 2007 selling my first idea, DVD Souvenirs, a postcard DVD. It was a great idea at the time. We had productions for Perth WA, The South West, Melbourne, Animals of Australia and one or two more. We sold a modest amount of stock in souvenir shops around Australia as our main source of income but at the time we had one of the first e-commerce shopping-cart add ons for WordPress. It was clunky and orange, I had no idea what I was doing, and I made $253 online. Not exactly a bragging point.

    Fast forward to this afternoon, and I have since created and launched 6 other businesses to varying degrees of success. E-commerce and I have blossomed together. And I have learned a magic trick or two. Let me share one with you in just a moment.

    My latest business, Jack Stillman, was started in 2014 after a personal tragedy. I started it to help cope with a sudden change in my lifestyle. I needed something to occupy my brain and men's fashion accessories, and luggage is where I hung my creative hat. Now Jack Stillman has an international marketplace and an audience of almost 20K followers worldwide. 

    I have spent the past 6 years learning most everything there is to know about how to do e-commerce wrong and, thankfully, a lot about how to do it really well. 

    I am actually a modest man, so I am awful at selling myself. I overthink things and don't throw compliments away frivolously. But as Jangle is my own business, it behoves me to say something compelling. I have unique skills when it comes to marketing products, building large audiences and keeping happy customers coming back for more (Also other stuff).

    And therein lies the secret sauce for anyone with a current store. Jangle will encourage you to treat your current and past customers like they are your lifeline. Because they are. Too many marketers are going to hurry you down the pathway to acquiring new customers before you lock down your systems for taking the best care of the ones you have. Your best customers don't want 20% off, they want the warm-fuzzy-feels when they interact with your business. They will buy from you again and again if the experience is meaningful to them. They will refer their friends and literally stand up for you in a social media fight because they feel like they know you. The true you.

    I love digital marketing in the e-commerce space: Not as much as I love sipping beer by the ocean, but I do enjoy it. If I can show you how to achieve more sales and a happier business with less effort, wouldn't that be worth it? If you would like to know more about postcards on a DVD, manbags or Smart E-commerce Systems, let's chat.