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    Meet Jarrod Stillman - E-Commerce Nerd

     My name is Jarrod Stillman, and I am the Marketing Director and founder of Jangle. I believe life comes before work and I am passionate about freeing people from situations that crush them instead of grow them.

    Most businesses ideas fail to launch or crash soon after because the founder doesn't reach out for help. Cost and trust are common reasons to avoid engaging a professional. This is sensible caution.  

    These days there seem to be so many business and entrepreneur coaches ranging in age from 22. In my experience, many of the younger "experts" simply lack experience, especially in failure. 

    So what makes me an excellent choice to help you?

    • I have over 20 years of experience in creating projects and companies from scratch, and many of them have been failures. 
"The greatest teacher, failure is" said Yoda. And it's true. I have failed so that you don't have to.

    I can save you thousands of dollars in time and actual money by guiding you around the pitfalls that beset most first time business owners. It's also worth noting of course that I have also enjoyed my fair share of successes. Choose a mentor who knows both. Choose a coach who has walked the walk, not just watched a few podcasts about it. 

    • I have over 30 years of professional business experience. Yup. I'm old (48 to be precise). So I have an honest sense of maturity, ethics and professionalism that gives you certainty that I will act on your behalf and for your benefit. No games, no hidden costs and if I don't know, I won't pretend I do. 

    • I have developed systems that work and processes that guarantee success. Yes, I just said that. I guarantee success or your money back. If we agree on outcomes and I let you down, I will give you your money back. I am confident in the systems that I have created to launch successful, profitable businesses. Because I have used them dozens of times on my own business and on the ventures of my clients. 

    • I'm local. If you are Perth or Fremantle based, I can come to you or visa-versa. I understand the market places in WA and how unique a city Perth is. It's small and isolated and understanding that is key. 
    • I have one of the broadest ranges of business experience you will find in Perth. That sounds like a bit of brag, and I accept that, but I think you will find it's true. Specialising in e-commerce, I have created businesses in Australia that now have international marketplaces and clients. I have personal experience with overseas sourcing, manufacturing and marketing and not just from a remote perspective. I literally lived in Vietnam for over a year establishing a manufacturing operation. I am well versed in international logistics as well as building successful marketing campaigns overseas. I don't know everything, and if I don't know, I won't lie to you and tell you I do. 
But I will find out!

    If you like the sound of my qualifications, please follow me here and here to make sure I know what I'm talking about. If you are ready to discuss your ideas, let us meet and chat first before making a plan to move forward. I am not expensive and can deliver value to your venture well beyond the fees I charge.

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