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    We want to help you weather the storm. Tips to get ahead. 

    Click to learn how to make effective social media posts that sell. 

    Don't ask a designer to make your online system. Ask a business expert.

    Good writing is good for business. It's not just about SEO or filling in space. Your web copy should be entertaining, consistent with your brand voice and accurate. More importantly, it closes sales if the information you share to your customers imparts value to them. Giving and receiving value creates a relationship of trust.

    Let us put your thoughts and valuable ideas into powerful words that yield value for your business.

    Introductory Offer

    You set the theme, we write the words. All we need from you is a quick interview, dot points and any other reference material you have. From there, we will produce you a piece that is compelling, creative, accurate and grammatically proofed. (Conditions apply to this offer)

    - Not sure what to write? That's another specialty of ours. Let's chat. 

    - More research required? No problem. Let's discuss your needs and get things started. 

    Writing Services

    Blog Writing - Raise your profile as an expert in your field. One or two value-imparting writings per month are excellent for SEO and brand credibility. 

    Web/Sales Copy - Your web and sales copy is your perfect pitch to your customers. Keep it simple, informative and professional. Let Jangle help you reach your business objectives. 

    Copywriting- No matter what the purpose or where it's read, Jangle will write compelling copy that converts readers into longterm customers. Contact us today for a quote. 

    Think growing your social media audience is either too hard or a waste of time? Let me convince you it is neither.
    This is a feature that many store owners don't know about. It's simple, fun and there are some damn good reasons you should be doing this!