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    Having a dedicated, in-house marketing professional on the payroll is an expense most small businesses find hard to justify. A competent professional that has a relevant amount of skills and can operate at an autonomous level is going to cost your business a minimum of $80,000 per year. That’s at least a $1500 per week investment that needs to translate into 4 x sales in order to justify the position. 

    Today, a marketing professional cannot afford to simply spend the marketing budget and create random campaigns that don’t align directly with business objectives. Marketing efforts need to return outcomes that significantly exceed the money spent on creating them. 

    Your Marketing Specialist 

    For less than ¼ of the weekly cost of a talented, full-time marketing professional, Groopy can support your business objectives with a team of dedicated marketing professionals that are specialists in multiple areas of contemporary marketing.

    Brand and Marketing Consulting

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