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    Here's why social matters

    A strong social following gives your business a way of keeping constant contact with the customers who matter. It’s also your opportunity to show what your brand stands for and to demonstrate your commitment to that message.

    Each person on your social channels is worth something to your business. The stronger your social channels, the more likely your business income will continue to grow. That’s why having a deliberate social media plan will boost your business to new levels.


    Social Marketing Management:

    Social marketing trends change almost weekly so it’s a fulltime job just keeping up

    Our social media management plans are designed to achieve the following:

    • Deliver a scheduled plan of relevant social media messages designed for your specific audience
    • Guidance on how to create results driven campaigns
    • Grow your audiences using proven, effective, and proper strategies
    • Expand the reach of your business to more of your ideal customers
    • Optimise your eCommerce outcomes
    Our specialised tactics will find, capture and keep more of the customers who matter to your business and immediately deliver results that you can measure. We guarantee it. 
    Cost to your business? $ZERO! If we can't generate at least 3 x the value of our monthly fee we will give you your money back
    • Paid per month in advance
    • Email newsletter as per spec
    • Facebook ads campaign does not include budget
    • Google retargeting does not include budget

    Be frequent and recent.

    Our approach to social marketing is not to continuously bombard your customers with requests to buy from you. We will help you to reach the customers you serve best with media that gives them a reason to trust you.

    It really is about relationship building. When done this way, you are at the forefront of your customer's minds when an opportunity presents itself to recommend, or buy your products. Give us 3 months to improve your audience value.

    Think growing your social media audience is either too hard or a waste of time? Let me convince you it is neither.
    This is a feature that many store owners don't know about. It's simple, fun and there are some damn good reasons you should be doing this!